Music we love by DownVega + Bearstronaut

Two new amazing tunes from our friends DownVega and Bearstronaut!  

DownVega "Give You My Love"
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DownVega is a brand new project by Jimmy Con, Rebecca Schneider and Sam Lalk...sweet synthpop from Chicago.  We played with Jimmy's former band Ghosthouse a few times on our past tours.  We love everything about this tune, and have it on good authority that they have huge tunes in store.  Stay tuned, and give them some love! 

Bearstronaut "Holding Out"
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We've been patiently awaiting new music by Boston's Bearstronaut, since spinning the heck out of their Paradice EP and Moniker EP.  Also had the pleasure of doing a mini-tour together and made some sweet memories having Fleetwood Mac singalongs, singing Fleetwood Mac at kareoke, listening to Fleetwood Mac at a wonderful "American cookout" BBQ in these guys longtime.