"Metropolis" CD

"Metropolis" CD


Comes in a gatefold card case + full colour 10-page booklet with artwork by Lolly Orbell. 

released February 17, 2017 


  1. Metropolis

  2. Tell The World

  3. Civilization

  4. I.R.L

  5. Ocean, Moon + Tide

  6. Catch

  7. Heart Of The Wild

  8. We, The People

  9. Isadora

  10. The Kids Will Save Detroit

  11. Technicolor

  12. The Last Man

Produced & engineered by Holly Dodson at Marigold Studios in Toronto, Canada 
Mixed & mastered by Holly Dodson & Rich Dodson at Marigold Studios 
Lyrics & music : Holly Dodson 
Vocals, keyboards, sequencing & arrangements : Holly Dodson 
Additional keyboards, guitars & arrangements on “Civilization”, “We, The People” & “Isadora” : Artem Galperine 
Live drums on “The Kids Will Save Detroit” : Nick Dodson 
Bass on “The Kids Will Save Detroit” & “Technicolor” : Rich Dodson 
Tablas on “Heart Of The Wild” : Karamchand Maharaj 

Photography & artwork by Lolly Orbell, assisted by Oliver Blair. Special thanks to Richard Picton 
Parallels’ logo designed by The Studio Of Gigo Elmoselhi 
Album layout & design by Holly Dodson 
All songs published by Sleepy Cat Music. SOCAN 

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